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(1-2 Years) “Wipro” Hiring: Software Developer On Nov 2013 @ Hyderabad

Company    Wipro Technologies

Website       www.wipro.com

Eligibility     BE / B.Tech/ MCA

Experience  1-2 Years

Location      Hyderabad

Job Role     Software Developer


Company Profile:

Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational information technology (IT) consulting and outsourcing service company located in Bangalore, Karnataka in India. As of March 2013, the company has 145,000 employees serving over 900 clients with a presence in 57 countries. Wipro is the third largest IT services company in India. Its subsidiary, Wipro Enterprises Ltd., offers consumer care, lighting, healthcare, and infrastructure engineering.

Job Description :

1. “Hibernate – Able to write programs independently. Hibernate: Goodunderstanding of Hibernate features, Usage, Hibernate Architecture and Session.Coding using POJOs, Mapping file, Config file, DAOs & Clients. Knowledge onhigh level topics such as Transaction Management, Managing cache & Lazyloading.
2. Able to define annotations in the data objects and generate thehibernate config files.”|”Spring – Able to write programs independently. Good knowledge in Features offramework, Modules in architecture, Advantages over EJB, Spring Bean Container,Inversion of Control, Bean Factory, Application Context, AOP concepts, DAO, RMIWeb Services, Spring In web tier and MVC features. Should be able to debugSpring based applications.”|”Struts – Able to write programs independently. Strong in Struts framework, MVCcomponents, Struts JSP tag libraries, Steps in developing a Struts application,Internationalizing, Advanced Action classes, Plugin, Error management, PreBuiltaction classes , DynaActionForm and Validator framework.
3. Should be able todebug, test and use logging framework in Struts based applications.”|”Core Java – Should have knowledge of the following and able to write programs:JVM, Java environment, primitive types, references, pass by value, packages,imports, static import, JAR concepts, command line arguments, systemproperties, assignments, expressions, operators, exception handling.Declarations, Initializations and Scoping.
4. Flow Control – Usage of for loop,switch, if, while, enhanced for loop; API Contents of String related classes.Object oriented concepts (Class, Methods, Access specifiers, Inheritance,Abstract classes, Interfaces). Threads, Collection Framework.
5. Object, Wrapperclasses, Autoboxing. Variable Argument Lists. Dates, Numbers, Currency.Assertions. Should have working knowledge in any one of the IDEs like Eclipseor NetBeans, JBuilder, JDeveloper, IntelliJ to build, compile and run anapplication.”|”EJB – Should be able to write programs independently.

Roles & Responsiblities:

1. Responsible for development, support, maintenance and implementation of complex components of a project module.
2. Works on problems on relatively complex scope. Works as a fully contributing team member, under broad supervision/ guidance capable of applying her ownjudgement.
3. Requires solid knowledge of at least one development technology/ programming language.


Hibernate-L2 ,
Java-J2EE – L2 ,
Spring-L2 ,

Job Code: I102366