.Net Inter View Questions

ADO.NET–Interview Questions and Answers


37. What are the parameters that control most of connection pooling behaviors?

The parameters that control most of connection pooling behaviors are as follows:

  • Connect Timeout
  • Max Pool Size
  • Min Pool Size
  • Pooling

38. How can you add or remove rows from the DataTable object of DataSet?

The DataRowCollection class defines the collection of rows for the DataTable object in a DataSet. TheDataTable class provides the NewRow() method to add a new DataRow to DataTable. The NewRow method creates a new row, which implements the same schema as applied to the DataTable. The following are the methods provided by the DataRowCollection object:

  • Add() – Adds a new row to DataRowCollection.
  • Remove()- Removes a DataRow object from DataRowCollection.
  • RemoveAt() – Removes a row whose location is specified by an index number.

39. Explain in brief DataAdapter class in ADO.NET.

The DataAdapter class retrieves data from the database, stores data in a dataset, and reflects the changes made in the dataset to the database. The DataAdapter class acts as an intermediary for all the communication between the database and the DataSet object. The DataAdapter Class is used to fill a DataTable or DataSetObject with data from the database using the Fill() method. The DataAdapter class applies the changes made in dataset to the database by calling the Update() method.

The DataAdapter class provides four properties that represent the database command:

SelectCommand, InsertCommand, DeleteCommand, and UpdateCommand.





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